Saturday, June 23, 2012


Today's blog post is about fairy tales. Although, reader beware. This is not your typical, happy ending fairy tale. This post is a creative writing piece based on the following challenge by Write on Edge and is a continuation of Carly's story. For those of you who have been following Carly's story, I have a new look this week. This blog layout works so much better for me, so I hope it doesn't confuse anyone. Promise I am here at this address permanently.

Here was the challenge:
For Today, we gave you a short challenge. Three fairly generic passive phrases. Your goal was to make them active in a short scene, either fiction or non-fiction. You could choose one, two, or all three to play with, but you only had 100 words.
[he/she/I] was devastated by [...]
[feeling] was experienced by [...]
[person/thing] was possessed by [...]

Don't worry. While this post may be a little daunting and dark, I generally do believe that a positive outlook on life can make anyone experience a happy ending.
Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are a waste of brain cells. They are for crack-heads possessed by a desire to believe life must, and will, always provide a happy ending. Unfortunately, crack is not my drug. Instead, I am a stoner; stoned into a numb existence devastated by circumstances that have contributed to the boiling anger that relentlessly propels me to make rash, pathetic choices. Secrets and deceit have crippled my daily life, crippled my marriage. These secrets have come to define David and me more than any of the happier moments we experienced together. Yep, fairy tales are crack and will never satisfy your cravings.   


  1. Wow! I wish the stoners I knew had an ounce of that realization when they used. Very driven!

    1. Thanks, Shelton! I had fun with this prompt.

  2. The bitter, angry sarcasm comes through in spades here without you ever having to spell it out. Great job with that. I work with stoners and crackheads and I think you captured the jaded cynicism well.

    1. Thanks! I do bitter and angry well. One of these days I am going to surprise myself and write something nauseatingly happy. You know . . . like a fairy tale. :)