Friday, June 22, 2012

Brain Dead

Yesterday was energetic. Tonight I feel brain dead. Does anyone else feel brain dead. I think an entire day of writing for other people has left me to exhausted to add my WOE post tonight or to even properly comment on my fellow writers' works. Added to the to-do list for tomorrow.

This also means I am not uploading wedding speeches tonight. I will begin work on that tomorrow. Some days I feel like Scarlett O'Hara -
"After all... tomorrow is another day."
In all seriousness, I wrote an article today reviewing a shoe website which pumped me up (like the shoe reference) to share my new Asics Gel 1170 with you.

I don't usually get overly enthusiastic about athletic shoes. I prefer to act giddy about a new pair Jimmy Choo's - that is if I actually had the coinage to buy a pair of Choo's. There I go getting off track again.

But for those of you who do not know, I am a runner as well as a writer. Running fuels my creativity. I have a little blog called Racing Warrior. You can visit it here.

Up-close and personal

I have been running in my Asics Gel 1160 since September and over 500 miles so it was time for a new pair. I put off buying them because I am cheap, but my aching shins and my reluctance to run forced me to make the purchase.

I am thrilled to in my new running shoes and ready to fuel my creativity.

That's all for tonight, peeps! Going to soak in a hot tub and read my newest download on the Kindle Fire, The Neighbors Are Watching. The jury is still deliberating on the potency of this book. The story has potential, but I question the writing. I will let you know the final verdict.

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