Carly's Story

Carly's Story

Here is some background info about Carly in case you are new to the story. When I post excerpts, you kind of just have to jump in. They won't always make sense or be in written in a linear fashion. I have to save some surprises for when this becomes a bestseller. So, just enjoy the piece written in the moment and refer to old posting if you need to. Enjoy!


Carly Morris has never been good at telling the truth. Her life is full of lies. Not treacherous lies just little half-truths that have made her President of the Happy Liar Club - a club that is open to anyone who is willing to accept that they live their lives in denial. Anyone walking around pretending life is happy and grand when really life is nothing more than an over-hyped trend that always dies out.

But circumstances have changed that threaten Carly's ability to cover up the truth. Reeling from the devasting deaths of her parents and living with a shameful truth that has come to define Carly's marriage, Carly is beginning to realize that at some point she is going to have to come clean with reality. This becomes nauseatingly clear when she is forced to welcome a man she despises into her home - her grandfather. A man that hurt her mother in a way that Carly cannot imagine ever forgiving him for - even though her mother had.

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