About Me

I am passionately devoted to writing. It really doesn't matter the topic. What matters is that my writing ignites passion in the audience reading my creative thoughts. The journey to get to the point where I sleep, eat and breathe writing has been long, but I am slowly immersing myself in this life and living my dream. If I can bring joy to my readers, then I am nothing short of happy!

So, on my blog you will find my creative meanderings. Most of my personal creative works are work in progress. Please bear with me and let's take the journey together.

However, this blog will not just always be about writing. It will be about life which inspires my writing. I hope you are amused by what amuses me. Make sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to keep up with my zany life. I post under the name Racing Warrior just to make things even more confusing. Have to keep you on your toes!

Since I have to eat, clothe my children and buy lots of books, I also do freelance writing. I have recently fallen in love with writing speeches for my fellow human beings. Writing speeches that celebrate the momentous occassions of our lives and fill audiences with hope, love and laughter is thrilling. I hope that you will let me help you celebrate your occassion with beautiful words.

Check out my sample speeches and price list. I am not a stuffy, speech writing workhouse. I am one person who will devote the time and energy to creating the perfect speech for you!

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