Thursday, June 21, 2012

Creative Fuel

First, let's start with some housekeeping business. If you look to the right of your screen, you will see an enormous amount of blog entries today. I am not that incredibly awesome or inspired to write so much in one day.

I am in the process of switching blogs and I didn't want any of my devoted readers (who as of this writing have no idea I am switching - but will soon) to miss out on previous chapters. Again, not awesome, just trying to get some blog housekeeping under control.

On that note, this is my first official blog on Eloquently Spoken. Let me assure you that I will not overwhelm you with vocabulary that makes your head spin. One can write eloquently without being pretentious. Thank goodness, because I never take myself that seriously. Yes, my husband is disagreeing as he reads this, but that's his opinion.

See what I mean? Does that photo look serious? That's my daughter and I being a bit cliche standing in front of an outhouse at a local park. 

Moving on . . . I entitled this post Creative Fuel because sometimes we all need  downtime to refuel and get our brains uncluttered in order to find our creative juice.

I spent the morning dipping my toes in the cool water of a creek bed, listening to children splashing and watching my daughter try to catch fish with an orange bucket.

They were drawn to the color, but were a little too smart to get caught. A fun morning that energized me to the extent that it is now almost midnight and I am going to force myself to say goodnight.

Need my rest so I can add some wedding speech examples tomorrow. Did I mention I write wedding speeches? Hmmm. . . well, if not, I do. Every pun was intended.

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