Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chilly Morning Run

This morning I ran in my first race since the end of August. It felt great to be back competing again. The past few months my training has been sporadic and I cannot determine exactly why I have been slacking. This race was supposed to be a goal setting race. I wanted to place in my age category, but all it takes is lack of motivation when training to derail simple goals.

I received a medal anyway. And, quite honestly, I didn't blow it royally. I finished my 5K in chilly temperatures with 3 layers on in 30:48. Not my best time, but only 2:48 away from my goal. The brutal part is I torture myself by looking at the times that other women in my age group placed and if I had finished on goal pace I would have placed 3rd instead of 20th. Ridiculous how a couple walk breaks and a few minutes can change the race.

Did anyone else run in a 5K this weekend? How was your experience?

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