Saturday, November 17, 2012


My husband is in the beginnings of an entrepreneurial journey. After losing his job, nearly 3 weeks ago, he has decided to pursue a passion that he has never been able to fully realize. He started a blog and I have been encouraging him, gently nudging him; okay fine, I will call it what it is: I have been lecturing him on the necessity of updating his blog everyday. Then it hit me today, when I was doing laundry because there is never a better time for self-examination, that I am a hypocrite.

Ever since my husband lost his job, I have been in the trenches, buckling down and doing nothing but working hard to earn an extra dollar. Why? We are not destitute. We are the lucky ones who have some savings to help us manage as my husband begins his business. I think I decided to use this life change as a time to ignore and procrastinate. I have spent to much time ignoring this blog. I have forsaken my own creativity. It is time to refocus. Time to start taking my own advice and engaging in my blog and my life a little more.

So, today the family and I spent time wandering around a neighborhood park. I indulged in the crisp autumn air, focused my energies on creativity and family. The picture at the beginning of this post, I took this afternoon. A simple farmhouse, yet it felt so good to discover something to fuel my creativity. Take a look at this picture.

Just an outhouse, but you never know what you might find that lifts the spirits. How do you refocus when life begins to drag you down, when you get stuck in the mud of surviving?

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